Peppercorn Hollow

"Where The Adventure Begins..."

Meet The Crew
Sir Brownbeard

Proprietor & Pirate                                          

Likes: Plundering, Pillaging, Treasure Hunting, Freeform Jazz

Dislikes: Clowns

                    Lady Hipsophyne

Proprietor, Pirate Wench & Very Distant Relative of Capt' Jake Corbie 




Likes: Jewels & Her Pirate Master - Sir Brownbeard

Dislikes: Spiders

                     Mad Dog Jenny

                           Sea Wench                                      


Likes: Sea Monkey, Sea Monkey & Sea Monkey 

Dislikes: When she is not with Sea Monkey

Sir Horsely

Keeper of the till


Likes:  Feeds

Dislikes: Not having feeds


                   Sea Monkey



Likes:  Roguish Fun

Dislikes: When he is not having Roguish fun!




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